Cooking Club Continues!

Week 2- Here we go:)

This week I am featuring pesto as our Virtual Vegan Cooking Club recipe. Pesto is such a versatile dish that can be spread over pizza, polenta rounds, pasta,crackers and more. I thought this would be a fun recipe this week and leave it to you all to see what herbs or greens you will use. Traditionally pesto calls for basil, but let’s get creative. Did you know you can also try out a different nut other than the typical pine nut? I love playing around with various herbs and nuts, such as pistachios or cashews. What will you use?!

How to Participate?!

Make your own pesto recipe this week (You can follow mine linked to the left if you need inspo.
Post a picture on any social media (or email me if you don’t use socials)
Tag me and use the hashtag: #virtualvegancooklingclub

I’ll repost and share your pics! Enjoy!



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